Hi, I’m Theophilus Olowa and I warmly welcome you here.

I recently started Blogging due to my passion to assist as many people as I can to achieve their lifestyle dream. I believed for a very long time that the key to success and financial freedom was always by working hard – but wait until you hear my story.

I have lived by this tenet almost all my life and I would say that this believe is not entirely true. I also know that so many people hold this believe. While working so hard for over 19-years, it is true that my labor has not been in vain but if I knew what I know now I would have preferred to work smarter instead of working hard.

During my time of working hard, all I did was to trade my time and relationships for money.  This trade off robbed me of my desire to spend quality time with my  family and friends; and the only way I usually “hang out” is on the internet by browsing and watching YouTube videos etc.

Recently, I had a vacation from all my hustling and bustling and I just knew that  something was not right – living on pay check to pay check is not the lifestyle I want to live; and I had the burning desire to change the status quo.

I feel compelled to share Maslow’s hierarchy of needs with you at this point for you to know who I really was before my transformation. I find this pyramid very relevant not minding the argument surrounding its scientific basis. Psychologically, I was at the “Love/belonging” band with little self esteem.

During one of my “hang outs” online, I came across Six Figure Mentors and I went through their On-demand video and I must admit that I was absolutely transformed. They have positioned me so strategically in a way that I can pursue my LIFESTYLE goals; and achieving “self-actualization” is only a matter of time – I can see it so clearly!!

Right now, I have gone through their online training with so much value packed and also become an affiliate  with online marketing abilities (such as using Facebook to reach my target audience etc.); all by leveraging on their pre-designed website.

There is nothing as important as having someone that one can rely on, most especially when starting an online business. This support is what I have found in their Mentor-ship program and has kept me moving forward ever since.

Yours in living our lifestyle dream,

Theophilus Olowa

P.S. You can also start your own WAKE UP call for self discovery by clicking the same link that transformed my life!!

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