My experience and opinion about SFM and SAS!

I joined the two communities about six months interval. I started with SFM (Six Figures Mentors) then later joined SAS (Super Affiliates System).

I must admit that the two programs are great, but they have their pros and cons at least in my opinion.

SFM has a much more robust community and with their webinars you could practically feel that you ACTUALLY belong to a real community which to me is very good for a starter.

With SFM you would need a much more capital to begin with in order to have a good grip and really enjoy the offers in the system. However, I see SAS as a means to kinda lunch an affiliate much faster into the affiliate business.

There are really lots of educational resources that you would have access to in SFM e.g. LinkedIn full training repository (of course it comes as part of what you must subscribe for – no free lunch, not even in Freetown).

SAS trainings are short clear and straight to the point whereas SFM’s is long, clear and could be daunting at times with the tasks that you must complete. I would rather say that with SFM you must really feel more like developing a brand and as such their emphasis on the long term gains.

SAS has a one time subscription that makes you have access to their back office and resources for life even as they add new ones. This is one great aspect that I really like about SAS. Unlike SFM, subscription is monthly if not you loose access to your back office and sometimes your website.

My recommendation: If you have at least $400 to spend for the first one year apart from the initial subscription of about $1,000, and you have a long term plan of building a brand, then go for SFM. But if you don’t have a monthly subscription but want to enjoy affiliate program, then SAS is your best bet.

6 best ways to drive traffic to your website


Drive traffic to your site

Online business hinges on the web and having one’s web page is a real plus. However, owning a web is the beginning, a mere step that calls for other steps if the destination of the journey of a thousand miles in online business is to be reached.  It is not about having a fancy Webpage, it is about marketing it. Having a Web page is like mounting a fine billboard, if no one sees it, it is worthless. If the three keywords in real estate and bakery are location, location, location and flour, flour, flour respectively… the three keywords in online business are traffic, traffic, and traffic. It is therefore imperative to know that the most important task is to drive traffic to your site. Without traffic, your Web page loses essence and has no value. It is surely not a mere assumption but a statement of fact that: a Web page is nothing, traffic is everything!

Your Webpage is the portal through which one can potentially attract multiple streams of income. Sure, some of these so called streams could be trickles while others could be gushers of cash flow.  The effects of this current could be both refreshing and satisfying. Invariably, what makes these streams of income possible is a steady stream of people.

No People, No Income!

Majorly, there are six strategies to attract people to your Webpage.

Here are the six major ways of driving traffic to your Webpage:

  1. Building a web presence
  2. Free and paid ads in the online world
  3. Search engines
  4. Word of mouth
  5. Paid advertising offline
  6. Free PR in the online and offline worlds                                                                   

However, in this post, only one of these six strategies will be dealt with, while the rest in my subsequent posts.            

Some of these strategies are low-leverage.   By “leverage” I mean the ability of your marketing efforts to produce multiple, huge, and sustaining-residual exposure and trend. While some of these help to draw a large number of people, multiple times, over a long period of time. On the contrary, some of these strategies will only command the attention and gain the attraction of only a few people one time- with no further ripple effects. For instance, search engines is on the very high side of the leverage scale; a single well-structured placement can be seen by millions of internet surfers over and over and over again. Whereas an offline awareness through the handing out of your business card to a single person who might just throw it away is on the very low end of the leverage scale.    

Now, let me shed more light on the very first strategy

Building a web presence

It does no good to have a Webpage if you are the only one who knows that it’s there. Trust me, nobody is going to stumble on your site by accident or default. Until you begin to do something about making your online presence known, nobody is probably is going to find you. I strongly advise that if you are going to run online, then you should act like your life depended on it. Embed your web address and E-mail address in your offline brochures, on your business cards, in every marketing message, journals and advertisement you place. Put it on a bumper sticker, in greeting cards, and in wedding gifts, season’s greetings etc. Put it everywhere, whether these are placed out online or offline. My point is, be passionate about making your online presence known. Be “evangelical” about it!

At this juncture, I believe you are not so much puzzled on how to gain traffic for your Webpage by building your online presence. However, I’ll like to show you perhaps a way to it you probably never thought so much of – e-mail signature. Having an email signature attached to every email sent out is a simple but effective way of building for your business an online presence. It is a sure marketing strategy that requires the attachment of a marketing message that directs people to your Webpage through your web browser… oh remember to keep your e-mail signature short!

Allow me to walk you through this. Take for instance if Internet Explorer is your default browser, here is how you add an e-mail signature to your e-mails: First, click on Tools, then Options, then Signatures. Right there, compose a short message to be added to the end of every e-mail that you send out.

Apart from the e-mail signature, there are two other potent means you can implore to build your online presence and draw traffic to your Webpage, these include joining any newsgroup of your interest and post messages when deemed fit; surfing on net and contact sites that promote free stuff, then offer some of your free bundles.

Don’t forget to follow this page up as we look in-depth the other five strategies of driving traffic to your site. Remember, in taking advantage of the internet and setting your business on the path of streams of income online, having a fancy Web-page is just a Step, Traffic does the Magic!



One of the reasons successes had become a mirage to a lot of people whether in academics, career, finance or relationship is simply their perception of success. Contrary to popular opinion, mostly success or failure is not an outbreak or a sudden burst, rather it is a product of consistent decisions. While failure is a result of slack, inexpedient decisions, success hinges on judicious   decisions, sure, Rome was not built in a day, you don’t expect to receive some dividends the very moment you commit your capital to a stock – it takes time, perseverance and patience.

I hope you’ll agree with me when I say you too can attain your own definition of success in any and in every aspect of life you truly desire if you will make that choice of making just ONE good decision immediately you are done reading this piece, and make it a routine to stick with because it takes time to build yourself up and create what you consider to be an exceptional life and it all starts by being aware and mindful of decisions you’re making each and every day.

There is an old saying that “by the yard it’s hard; but inch by inch, anything is a cinch”. Confucius wrote, “A journey of a thousand leagues begins with a single step”

Financial success can be achieved by saving a little money every single month, year after year. Health and fitness are accomplished by just eating less of some food types and exercising a little more, day after day and month after month.

The next few lines contain some pointers to the few good decisions to begin with this week. Start by making a few good decisions, and that’s all you need to focus on this week.


Don’t complicate things nor make things harder than they need to be nor give too much thought to situations that you consider bad but do not have any power over… That’s where most of us go wrong.


Keep it simple, make one good decision this week and focus on building momentum, rather than trying to change your whole life in a short space of time.


  1. Decide to look after your wellbeing and manage your stress and negative energy levels.
  2. Decide to eat healthy diet and drink enough water throughout this week.
  3. Decide to feed your mind with positive thoughts by the things your read, hear, watch or say and limit associations or acquaintances that hold you down from focusing on your goals.
  4. Decide to use your spare time to work on your unique ideas, so you can break free and live life on your terms one day in no distant future.
  5. Decide to be frugal with your spending and finances, remember that willful waste leads to willful want.
  6. Decide to mastermind or associate with people that you share the same dreams with especially those that already have what you are looking for – remember, you the average of the 5 people that are closest to you.

P.S. Keep it simple, just one decision and remember to have fun, after all we only have one life to live.

Business decision
You decide

2 ways to promote a new product or service for small businesses.

2 ways to promote a new product or service for small businesses.

Advertising online with your laptop
Online advertising

What is the point in having a great product or service that people are unaware of? The only way to monetize products/services effectively is to advertise. In my journey as a lifestyle entrepreneur, I can say that there are two broad ways through which a small business owner could promote or advertise his/her product(s). These are either through outsourcing or in-house (self) methods.

Outsourced adverts

For a new business owner or an entrepreneur that wants to promote his/her product and/or services – whether existing or new, and who has no experience on how to advertise, the only available option is to outsource this activity to an expert in that area.

Advantage of outsourcing

  1. Quick to set up.

Disadvantage of outsourcing

  1. Costly and increases the company’s overheads which reduces profit compared to the next option.

In-house or Self advertisement

This next alternative to advertising is most desired where the business owner is willing to learn or has a previous experience in online advertising. The various methods listed below could as well be outsourced. But when done personally, it becomes cheaper and your prospects tend to have more loyalty towards your brand. Loyalty is what brings repeat business and translates to long time profitability.

  • Targeted
    • Pay Per Click (PPC) e.g. Google Ads, Microsoft Ads (formerly Bing Ads)
    • Facebook Ads
  • Semi Targeted
    • Twitter
    • Instagram
    • Ezines
  • Non-targeted
    • YouTube
    • Snap-chat
Sale without awareness will not yield expected result
Sale without awareness will not yield expected result

By targeted it means that you can decide who your audiences are in terms of their characteristics such as age range, marital status, interests, geographical location, the type of devices they use, languages etc. Targeted ads are indeed very powerful and very cost effective with high return on investment (ROI) when managed properly.

When I started out a few months ago, I knew nothing about how to use these different platforms for promoting my business. However, today I can confidently advertise on any of these platforms – you’re probably here because you saw one of my Ads.

Click here to learn about any or all these methods and you don’t have to own a business to learn them – that’s the beauty of it. As a matter of fact, they could become one of your major sources of PASSIVE income, which could either be because you’ll become a consultant to other business owners – small or big; or your creative mind would be ignited to see prospects as you undergo the training and become a lifestyle entrepreneur.

If you wish to know more about any of these methods, I would be more than happy to espouse about them, just leave a comment below.

Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Multiple Sources of Income

Why you should consider setting up Multiple Sources of Income (MSI).

My Golden nugget for you this week: I want you to watch Bob Proctor, who incidentally has become one of my Online Mentors recently, and listen to him explain how you could set up multiple sources of income without breaking a sweat. We all need this in order to stop trading time for money.

Best Advise Ever – Stop Relying On Pension!

“Pension” could kill your ingenuity and happiness

Having a pension mentality instead of a lifestyle business is an absolute steal of time and life’s purpose. If you are asking how I know, then read about my life experience below.

Most people opt for pensionable jobs with the hope of securing their future – at least I once did. However, the sad truth is that it does not always work and usually fall short of the purpose for which we opted-in in the first place. Let me share my experience with you. For a little above 15-years I worked for a state organisation in my country. I retired from the service about 3-years ago (2016) and you may be amazed that I am yet to receive neither my gratuity nor my pension even as I write.

Now, take a minute to imagine what would have happened to me if I have no other means of survival. This harsh reality is the same with so many other senior citizens that I know of and who had put in over 30-35 years of their lives into civil/public service. And for those that are fortunate to receive their entitlements, it is so meager that hardly does it sustain their feeding and medical bills (remember that people at this level require more medical care) without counting on relatives or friends for hand-outs. This is what happens in my country, I don’t know what happens in yours.

In America, I heard that the average savings for a civil/public servant is 2% per annum. And the best that happens when a senior citizen retires is to live in government care giving facility because their savings and/or pension is not able to cater for their needs after retirement. This is not the lifestyle I want for myself and I hope this is not what you want neither.

Break free from whatever is holding you from fulfilling your purpose in life
Break free from whatever is holding you from fulfilling your purpose in life

Luckily, the universe has been kind enough to show you and I a way out of this doldrums. Now we can take our destiny into our hands and fashion out the lifestyle of our choice. We do not have to exchange our precious time for monthly pay checks. Neither do we have to work on what we do not like. In today’s world, there are ample opportunities to earn income even while we are sleeping, travelling on vacation or spending time with our loved ones.

Today, I dare you to be bold and take a chance at doing what makes you happy, follow your passion and turn it into a money making business.

Click here to take advantage of this online community that is helping thousands of people (including me) with little or no computing technical skills to build their online businesses around their passion, achieving their lifestyle goals and fulfilling their purpose in life.

Theo - lifestyle blogger and entrepreneur

You Are Enough!

You Are Enough! And Again I Say That You Are Enough.

You can do it lifestyle business

You probably have had times in your life that you questioned if you will ever achieve your goal. You also might have wondered whether you have all it takes to be a successful husband, wife, business owner, business partner etc. You might even have doubted your abilities after you have had many confirmations from colleagues, friends or associates that you are good at what you do.

I have news for you. You are all that is needed to make your life the way that you want it. The seed that is required to germinate and transform your present situation into what you wish to become in the short and long term is already inside you.

What then do you have to do to manifest the lifestyle that you want?

  1. Believe in YOURSELF. Once you have faith in yourself, then you have won 99% of the struggle
  2. Be focused. Never be distracted from your desire even when it looks fuzzy. There is nothing that you wish for that is not attainable!
  3. Take action. Take small steps each day that will lead you to the destination that you have mapped for yourself.
  4. Think ALWAYS about what you want. What you think about expands. Do not spend your energy thinking about your fears, people that have hurt you or your haters etc. The energy that you spend on such thoughts are called negative energy and they deprive you of Positive energy.
  5. Find a Mentor and belong to the right association. There are people living the lifestyle that you wish for. It only makes sense to learn from such people, most especially if they are willing to pay attention to you. You do not have to repeat the mistakes that they have made, it only elongates your time of reaching your goal destination.
  6. Be willing to learn. It has been said that most people do not succeed, not because of what they don’t know, but because of what they know that ain’t so. If you shut yourself up for new ideas and information, it would be difficult to transform current your situation.

To be continued…

Time To Stop Procrastinating and Overcome Your Fear!

All you need is one positive step in the right direction to transform your life. A stitch in time saves nine!
All you need is one positive step in the right direction to transform your life. A stitch in time saves nine!

If you are aspiring to become a Lifestyle Entrepreneur that lives and enjoys every part of his life then fear is the greatest enemy you can have. The fear of the unknown, fear of inadequacy, fear of time, fear of family, fear of social acceptance, fear of selling, fear of rejection…

The good news is that you are not the only one that has ever been in such a situation because fear is actually a good thing. Human brains are wired for self protection and self preservation from hazards generally. As good as fear is, it becomes dangerous if you allow it to constantly influence all your life’s decision.

Start taking micro action that will lead you to your desired goal
Start taking micro action that will lead you to your desired goal

Many Lifestyle Entrepreneurs fail because they allow fear to weigh them down and corrupt or cloud their sound judgments. Nobody is immune from this disaster! The remedy is in belonging to the right community of like minded but successful entrepreneurs who are on the look out for members well being and business success. Such an online community is rare to find. Click this link to learn more about the community:

Showing up and being committed is all that you need to live the dream of your life; be it spending time with your family and friends, travelling around the world or just having time to do the things that you love. By showing up, I mean, your desire to become an online entrepreneur. Once that desire is backed up with determination and you join the right community of successful online entrepreneurs, then you are set on a path to unlimited success – only YOU will have to set your goal or limit to what you want to achieve!

Start today to do what you have been dreading of doing. If you don’t start, 10-years from now, you will still be complaining of the same situation you are in. Picture the future that you want for yourself and let it be your motivation. Take a step daily in the direction of your desired future and in no time, you will achieve it.

P.S. If you are interested in a life transformation training that helped me in overcoming my fears and setting me on the path to Digital Business Lifestyle then Click here:

Know why you are who you are!

Learn to become the person you would love to be!

If you ever felt that you would love to change your situation into whatever it is, or if you have tried and you feel it is not working, you probably are missing out on a powerful secret that is called the “law of attraction.”

I will strongly recommend that you take some time out to watch this invaluable video that will last for about an hour and half. Remember to leave a comment about what you think of the link after watching.

The seed to be whoever you wish to be is in you, and you control your own destiny.

“Why you need lifestyle business mentor!”

Do you necessarily have to be hit by a “car” to know that getting hit by a car is deadly! When you are starting your own lifestyle business, it can be a struggle for you. Of course, you are realizing that you are your own boss. That could mean that you will endure extra stress, especially when you are looking for those answers that will keep your business moving forward in the right direction. As your lifestyle business goal changes, you’re going to need a business mentor. You’ve already come to the realization that a lifestyle business mentor will be helpful.

A lifestyle business mentor is someone who can share the best advice with you because of their previous experiences in lifestyle business. Lifestyle business topics, such as affiliate marketing, Amazon FBA, Ecommerce, investments, stocks, real estate properties, and banking can be confusing. With this free advice, you can get that second opinion as if you were asking an executive board. For convenience, an online lifestyle business mentor can be contacted through emailing, phone calling or speaking through video chatting.

business owners getting mentored
business owners getting mentored

The benefits of gaining a lifestyle business mentor are centered around your goals in business networking. Additionally, there are many reasons you should include an online lifestyle business mentor simply because they can help you with different avenues. The following are examples of where a mentor adds value to your business agenda:

  • by helping you gain a different outlook when creating a business plan
  • by helping you with your communication skills in a business setting
  • by helping you come up with strategies for your career
  • by helping you with your confidence when developing your final answers to problems

In business, there are always those unexpected moments where you will need the opinion of another business owner. For example, if you have a business goal that involves talking to corporate executives, your project will flow smoother by getting pointers from your online lifestyle business mentor. In some cases, your
lifestyle business mentor may show up in person to give you that extra support that you need during your presentation. Because your business goal was going to be determined by the outcome of your meeting, your business mentor was right there for you.

Another example of when a mentor is needed is when there is a desire to have funding. For the most part, you may have to speak to a bank manager about applying for a loan. Before your appointment, you may feel a “rush” of anxiety due to nervousness. You’re not sure of the questions that the bank manager will ask you. That’s when a business mentor would be great to have. You could text them or email them to let you know what you’re facing. In turn, your business mentor online could send you words of wisdom. Sometimes, you will need legal advice when it comes to contracts. 

An online business mentor can send you a referral to an attorney near you. In addition to that, an online business mentor may be able to find you an attorney that works strictly online. That makes their availability convenient. An online business mentor can help you set a business goal and achieve it. As long as you stay passionate about your goal, you can achieve more through your own self-motivation. An online business mentor could easily send you information to keep your details in business moving right along. 

Lifestyle entrepreneurs getting online mentoring
Lifestyle entrepreneurs getting online mentoring
  • educational videos via email
  • quotes that will inspire you
  • suggestions on joining business blogs
  • information on new training seminars
  • information about business grants

Your new business goal could be directly from the knowledge you’ve obtained through your mentor. The more organized you are, the better each business goal will become. For that reason, a mentor is usually someone that has been in business for quite a while. Entrepreneurs will benefit from having a mentor because of the close business relationships donations will develop through this process. 

Along with developing a great business relationship and working relationship with a mentor, your business knowledge will help you write your company’s business plan. Most business plans can be made simple when there is a mentor guiding you. When getting down to the science of writing your business plan, those unfamiliar details can be explained by speaking to your mentor about it.

In some cases, your mentor can give you examples of what you can do by showing their original business plan. As a matter of fact, a business plan will give your mentor an idea of what you will need to run your business. It can also open doors for possible endorsements and donations depending on which type of business you have.

The simplicity of having a mentor can help you identify your company’s weaknesses. A SWOT analysis is usually the topic in one of every mentor’s conversation. This strategy provides the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats within your company. When you have a mentor, the business evaluations will help you to see what needs to change within your business. Mentors who have experience working with SWOT analysis may suggest a monthly review to help minimize the impact of weaknesses and threats on your business.

Entrepreneur with her mentor
Entrepreneur with her mentor

In conclusion, your creativity will transform into better decision-making for your business. As each business goal is complete, you will gain the best possible options that will help you continue to grow your business. Most importantly, the new business clients that you’re negotiating with will come from working with a mentor. As you explore all of the possibilities, your business and career will come from a different angle. In the future, you can learn to reach back and help someone else that started where you did years before your success. It will definitely make a difference in business strategies and solutions that you find will help your company. Futuristically, there will be better opportunities for you because of you planning ahead to create that business working environment. In the end, you will find out that your mentor was truly the spark to the flame. Mentors have been hit by “cars” and so they can reliably guide you from being crushed by one – you don’t have to waste time and money before you succeed.

Theo Olowa – Lifestyle Entrepreneur