Best Advise Ever – Stop Relying On Pension!

“Pension” could kill your ingenuity and happiness

Having a pension mentality instead of a lifestyle business is an absolute steal of time and life’s purpose. If you are asking how I know, then read about my life experience below.

Most people opt for pensionable jobs with the hope of securing their future – at least I once did. However, the sad truth is that it does not always work and usually fall short of the purpose for which we opted-in in the first place. Let me share my experience with you. For a little above 15-years I worked for a state organisation in my country. I retired from the service about 3-years ago (2016) and you may be amazed that I am yet to receive neither my gratuity nor my pension even as I write.

Now, take a minute to imagine what would have happened to me if I have no other means of survival. This harsh reality is the same with so many other senior citizens that I know of and who had put in over 30-35 years of their lives into civil/public service. And for those that are fortunate to receive their entitlements, it is so meager that hardly does it sustain their feeding and medical bills (remember that people at this level require more medical care) without counting on relatives or friends for hand-outs. This is what happens in my country, I don’t know what happens in yours.

In America, I heard that the average savings for a civil/public servant is 2% per annum. And the best that happens when a senior citizen retires is to live in government care giving facility because their savings and/or pension is not able to cater for their needs after retirement. This is not the lifestyle I want for myself and I hope this is not what you want neither.

Break free from whatever is holding you from fulfilling your purpose in life
Break free from whatever is holding you from fulfilling your purpose in life

Luckily, the universe has been kind enough to show you and I a way out of this doldrums. Now we can take our destiny into our hands and fashion out the lifestyle of our choice. We do not have to exchange our precious time for monthly pay checks. Neither do we have to work on what we do not like. In today’s world, there are ample opportunities to earn income even while we are sleeping, travelling on vacation or spending time with our loved ones.

Today, I dare you to be bold and take a chance at doing what makes you happy, follow your passion and turn it into a money making business.

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