HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE – No capital required!

I just came across another website through which you can make between $100 – $250 per month. Ultimately, the amount you earn at the end of the month depends on how much work you are able to put into it. This will not make you a millionaire but is good especially for Mothers that stay at home, Parents that need a second job, Students especially during this pandemic period, People in between jobs and anyone looking for extra cash at the end of every month.


First payment is made through any of these means:
Debit Cards
Bank Checks
Paypal WebMoney
Perfect Money
Payza and
Western Union.

Before you register, decide on how you wish to be paid. Then head straight to MegaTypers.com to SIGNUP using FJMD as the invitation code (you can not complete your registration without the code)

Their payment rates start from $0.45 TyperCredits for each 1000 word images typed, and can go as high as up to $1.5 TyperCredits for each 1000 words typed. As TyperCredits can be automatically exchanged for a dollar currency (on a 1-1 Ratio).

The fun part is that you can outsource this on fiver and 10x it.

Leave a comment if you need further explanation.

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4 thoughts on “HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE – No capital required!”

  1. Imole Jeary Joe

    This is quite helpful sir. Sure it’s a thing I’ll like try out. However, I don’t get this well sir;
    “each 1000 word images typed”

    1. The way I understand it is that they they have different rates depending on how fast you are for every word that you get correctly ranging from$0.45 to $1.50. However, I would advise that you don’t rush too much while starting out because they can easily block you after making a few mistakes especially if you have a bad network.

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