My experience and opinion about SFM and SAS!

I joined the two communities about six months interval. I started with SFM (Six Figures Mentors) then later joined SAS (Super Affiliates System).

I must admit that the two programs are great, but they have their pros and cons at least in my opinion.

SFM has a much more robust community and with their webinars you could practically feel that you ACTUALLY belong to a real community which to me is very good for a starter.

With SFM you would need a much more capital to begin with in order to have a good grip and really enjoy the offers in the system. However, I see SAS as a means to kinda lunch an affiliate much faster into the affiliate business.

There are really lots of educational resources that you would have access to in SFM e.g. LinkedIn full training repository (of course it comes as part of what you must subscribe for – no free lunch, not even in Freetown).

SAS trainings are short clear and straight to the point whereas SFM’s is long, clear and could be daunting at times with the tasks that you must complete. I would rather say that with SFM you must really feel more like developing a brand and as such their emphasis on the long term gains.

SAS has a one time subscription that makes you have access to their back office and resources for life even as they add new ones. This is one great aspect that I really like about SAS. Unlike SFM, subscription is monthly if not you loose access to your back office and sometimes your website.

My recommendation: If you have at least $400 to spend for the first one year apart from the initial subscription of about $1,000, and you have a long term plan of building a brand, then go for SFM. But if you don’t have a monthly subscription but want to enjoy affiliate program, then SAS is your best bet.

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