What is your alibi?

Take a moment to ponder on why you are not where you want to be or at least not on the path to your desired goal and purpose. Even if you are not there yet, are you excusing yourself through self doubts or negative self-talks. What excuse do you give yourself or what alibi are you feeding your subconscious mind that is preventing you from financial freedom and having control of your time?

Whatever excuse(s) you may have is(are) not enough to stop you from achieving your purpose including financial freedom.

Which of these are you clinging on to thereby slowing down your progress toward financial freedom:

  1. That you are not educated enough?
  2. That you wish you had more money?
  3. That you are not from a particular tribe, creed or colour?
  4. That you wish you had a mentor?
  5. That you knew what you now know much earlier?
  6. That you wish you were an extrovert or introvert?
  7. That you wish to could talk well publicly?
  8. That you were married or not married?
  9. That you had a job? etc.

Most people do what needs to be done for the same reason that they said they couldn’t.

I encourage you to take your destiny into your own hands today and join a community of like minds that would understand where you are coming from and where you desire to be by clicking here.

One of the all time instruction is: “unless ye become as these little one…” It is important to unclutter our mind, focus on the one thing that is very important such that doing that one thing makes every other thing easy or unnecessary and then get rid of all limiting believes.

Create the habit of positive confession because evidence has shown that your WORD creates your WORLD whether financially or health wise.

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