“Why you need lifestyle business mentor!”

Do you necessarily have to be hit by a “car” to know that getting hit by a car is deadly! When you are starting your own lifestyle business, it can be a struggle for you. Of course, you are realizing that you are your own boss. That could mean that you will endure extra stress, especially when you are looking for those answers that will keep your business moving forward in the right direction. As your lifestyle business goal changes, you’re going to need a business mentor. You’ve already come to the realization that a lifestyle business mentor will be helpful.

A lifestyle business mentor is someone who can share the best advice with you because of their previous experiences in lifestyle business. Lifestyle business topics, such as affiliate marketing, Amazon FBA, Ecommerce, investments, stocks, real estate properties, and banking can be confusing. With this free advice, you can get that second opinion as if you were asking an executive board. For convenience, an online lifestyle business mentor can be contacted through emailing, phone calling or speaking through video chatting.

business owners getting mentored
business owners getting mentored

The benefits of gaining a lifestyle business mentor are centered around your goals in business networking. Additionally, there are many reasons you should include an online lifestyle business mentor simply because they can help you with different avenues. The following are examples of where a mentor adds value to your business agenda:

  • by helping you gain a different outlook when creating a business plan
  • by helping you with your communication skills in a business setting
  • by helping you come up with strategies for your career
  • by helping you with your confidence when developing your final answers to problems

In business, there are always those unexpected moments where you will need the opinion of another business owner. For example, if you have a business goal that involves talking to corporate executives, your project will flow smoother by getting pointers from your online lifestyle business mentor. In some cases, your
lifestyle business mentor may show up in person to give you that extra support that you need during your presentation. Because your business goal was going to be determined by the outcome of your meeting, your business mentor was right there for you.

Another example of when a mentor is needed is when there is a desire to have funding. For the most part, you may have to speak to a bank manager about applying for a loan. Before your appointment, you may feel a “rush” of anxiety due to nervousness. You’re not sure of the questions that the bank manager will ask you. That’s when a business mentor would be great to have. You could text them or email them to let you know what you’re facing. In turn, your business mentor online could send you words of wisdom. Sometimes, you will need legal advice when it comes to contracts. 

An online business mentor can send you a referral to an attorney near you. In addition to that, an online business mentor may be able to find you an attorney that works strictly online. That makes their availability convenient. An online business mentor can help you set a business goal and achieve it. As long as you stay passionate about your goal, you can achieve more through your own self-motivation. An online business mentor could easily send you information to keep your details in business moving right along. 

Lifestyle entrepreneurs getting online mentoring
Lifestyle entrepreneurs getting online mentoring
  • educational videos via email
  • quotes that will inspire you
  • suggestions on joining business blogs
  • information on new training seminars
  • information about business grants

Your new business goal could be directly from the knowledge you’ve obtained through your mentor. The more organized you are, the better each business goal will become. For that reason, a mentor is usually someone that has been in business for quite a while. Entrepreneurs will benefit from having a mentor because of the close business relationships donations will develop through this process. 

Along with developing a great business relationship and working relationship with a mentor, your business knowledge will help you write your company’s business plan. Most business plans can be made simple when there is a mentor guiding you. When getting down to the science of writing your business plan, those unfamiliar details can be explained by speaking to your mentor about it.

In some cases, your mentor can give you examples of what you can do by showing their original business plan. As a matter of fact, a business plan will give your mentor an idea of what you will need to run your business. It can also open doors for possible endorsements and donations depending on which type of business you have.

The simplicity of having a mentor can help you identify your company’s weaknesses. A SWOT analysis is usually the topic in one of every mentor’s conversation. This strategy provides the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats within your company. When you have a mentor, the business evaluations will help you to see what needs to change within your business. Mentors who have experience working with SWOT analysis may suggest a monthly review to help minimize the impact of weaknesses and threats on your business.

Entrepreneur with her mentor
Entrepreneur with her mentor

In conclusion, your creativity will transform into better decision-making for your business. As each business goal is complete, you will gain the best possible options that will help you continue to grow your business. Most importantly, the new business clients that you’re negotiating with will come from working with a mentor. As you explore all of the possibilities, your business and career will come from a different angle. In the future, you can learn to reach back and help someone else that started where you did years before your success. It will definitely make a difference in business strategies and solutions that you find will help your company. Futuristically, there will be better opportunities for you because of you planning ahead to create that business working environment. In the end, you will find out that your mentor was truly the spark to the flame. Mentors have been hit by “cars” and so they can reliably guide you from being crushed by one – you don’t have to waste time and money before you succeed.

Theo Olowa – Lifestyle Entrepreneur

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